Files containing the EICAR String

If you want to test your Antivirus Scanner, you can use the test string from the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research  ⇒”EICAR”. Put this string into a file. Send it, download it, compress it, do what ever you want. Scan the file, see if your Antivirus scanner finds it.

This is the string:


Even if your scanner finds this pattern, keep your scanner updated. It is like in real life. The dangerous ones are the unknown ones.

The links in the table blow contain the test string. The files are compressed with different methods.

trigger.txtplain ascii
trigger.Zcompressed with compress
trigger.arccompressed with arc
trigger.complain ascii
trigger.exeself extracting zip
trigger.gzcompressed with gnuzip
trigger.bz2compressed with bzip2
trigger.rarcompressed with rar
trigger.tgztar, compressed with gnuzip
trigger.tar.gztar, compressed with gnuzip
trigger.zipcompressed with zip
trigger.zoocompressed with zoo
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